Umm Yea, We’re Gonna Have To Update That

I’ve masterfully missed posting any updates to my site since I did my Colorado trip back in June/July. SO…I guess it’s high time I made a few updates. First of all, I changed the look…yet again. I build websites for a living, so it happens…I like to test things. Second, I never posted the other parts of my ride report on the site…nor the 400+ photos. Truth is I posted the entire story, all parts of it, in half a dozen other spots and by the time I finished doing that, I had exhausted my act-like-you’re-into-social-media push and said to hell with it, ha. I guess I’ll need to pull the stories from my Blogger account and fluff up the site here a bit. As for the photos, they’re all on SmugMug…I’ll put them here soon.

That is all for now…maybe.

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