Ta Da

As mentioned earlier, I’ve decided to spring a new site on you…hopefully, it’s showing up for you now since I just changed the redirect to point to this sub-domain. Nothing special, just a pre-made template and a blank slate. The OLD BURNINGFILES section you see up in the main menu is all you need to access the old site and both of the galleries, which are still intact and functional. I won’t be adding a member gallery to THIS version of the site…so far (still debating it). I’ll be moving some articles from the old version of the site over to this version just to keep some sunlight on them, but those will come in fits and starts as I get the 301 redirects for each worked in.

You might be asking why or maybe you aren’t (I don’t really look at visitor stats and don’t really care), but the reasons for change are many….WP is easier to deal with when lazy, change is good, easier to post quick updates, etc, etc. I suppose another reason is that at the office, we advise many of our clients to use WordPress when they’re considering wholesale changes (we still do Drupal, but it’ll soon be doing a major version change to Drupal 7, so we’re waiting)…and it leaves less room for them screwing something major up (I could wax poetic about a client who inadvertently set their robots.txt file to exclude their entire site, but I digress).

Will I be serious about keeping things fresh on this new version, in terms of content? Crap, who knows…my track record isn’t the best, but I do have good intentions…does that count? I feel compelled to share my interest in motorcycling and find WordPress conducive to this endeavor, so perhaps I’ll be better. In any case, I hope you’ll register and enjoy whatever I blab about here.


I live in Eastern NC, work on websites all day, and enjoy motorcycling immensely. What more need be said.