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So There I Was…

So there I was, working diligently on a client’s website, another WordPress site, when I needed to refer to my own site (this one) for a plugin I wanted to use…I noticed my site was horribly out of date (imagine that). Okay, the latest post I had was back in June, so yes, that was out of date, but really, it was the plugins on the site that were out of date. In WordPress, this is usually not a big deal…you just hit the update button and Presto! it’s all done. Then I noticed one new update popped up after the plugins…the theme (queue dramatic music). I HATE updating themes because the process usually ends up killing any custom things I did to the theme in the past. Anyway, I said “what the hell” and hit the update button….blammo…the site went kablooey. I kind of expected that. Long, well not so long, story short, there’s a few screwballey things I’m still working out. I kinda like the new updates…they almost make me want to invest more time here…no, really! Guess we’ll see if a mountain moves…

By the way, my website uses the Mystique theme, from in case you were wondering. Oh, and look, the site’s posts are now up to date…heh.


I live in Eastern NC, work on websites all day, and enjoy motorcycling immensely. What more need be said.
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