So I haven’t posted for awhile…

What’s new? 😉

Nothing much is going on, just working and getting through the winter. I did ride down to central Florida for Christmas and New Years, but beyond that, I’m just waiting for the warm weather…

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I live in Eastern NC, work on websites all day, and enjoy motorcycling immensely. What more need be said.


  1. Shari on April 9, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    Just found your website and am having a great time reading your posts… actually followed a link to your site while looking for info on Sena headsets and Shoei RF-1100 helmets. And viola… you had a post on both!

    Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Burnspot on April 10, 2013 at 9:43 am

    Thanks Shari! I’m not terribly active on my own site, lol, but I do try to share a bit of info on my favorite activity…riding. 😀

  3. Shari on April 11, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    Had a couple questions for you regarding your Shoei RF-1100 helmet and Sena headset… should I just ask here or is there another section that would be better!

    Keep riding and writing! =)

    • Burnspot on April 11, 2013 at 3:43 pm

      Go ahead and ask here…might be useful to others. 😉

      • Shari on April 12, 2013 at 10:55 am

        Ok =)

        So I bought a Shoei RF-1100 because it got pretty good reviews. But after wearing it for a couple of rides, I noticed that it was really noisy, even after closing all the vents. The wind noise was pretty loud. Imagine driving on the freeway with your windows open in your car… that’s about how loud the helmet is. So because of that, I wear earbuds, which helps a little, but I can still hear a lot of wind noise. My question is, with the Sena headset, since the speakers sit in the helmet and not in your ears, how is the sound quality? If my helmet is noisy to begin with, is it even worth trying to use the Sena headset to listen to music (mainly to drown out the wind noise, not so much to use it as a communicator)?

        Rereading your Shoei post, it sounds like my helmet might be defective considering how noisy it is… not so bad at speeds below 40, but on the freeway going around 65 or so, the wind noise is quite deafening. Have you talked with anyone else who has the same helmet and what has been their feedback?

        Happy trails!

        • Burnspot on April 12, 2013 at 12:31 pm

          The sound quality certainly isn’t going to measure up to that which you can get via earbud speakers (which SENA offers a clamp for), but it’s definitely clear enough for me to enjoy at highway speeds. I should qualify my experience in that I went from a 2005 era X-11, have compromised high pitch hearing from working on military jets, always ride with foam ear plugs, and my FJR has a barn door for a windscreen (head’s in airstream usually, unless it’s cold/rain/winter). Also, since I wear the foam ear plugs, I run the SENA at max volume all the time (it never reaches a point that’s too loud). Another factor is the RF-1100’s chin curtain. In my review, I had the chin curtain in place and that makes a noticeably large difference in the noise level. Without the curtain in place, it’s noisy, but stil not to the point where I can’t hear the SENA.

          I’ll agree, the RF-1100 with any vents open is very noisy and in the summer, that’s the norm. In my opinion, the sound is still very good, but it’s easier to miss some of the lower level details in some songs (winter riding = best sound), but that’s really not a huge factor for me (after all, primary task is riding). As far as I know, the SENA has some of the largest speakers in the helmet BT arena (which made them impossible for me in my old X-11), so it probably fares better than some of the other units out there. On a side note, for the few times I’ve actually taken calls while riding, the person on the other end has never had trouble hearing me, no matter if the speed is 30 or 70.

          It’s possible that your helmet is defective, though I’d think it unlikely. It may have more to do with your bike’s setup (windshield/no windshield) and what your riding posture is (FJR is more upright). I think it’s worth it to try, absolutely. The alternative would be to pickup their earbud-compatible clamp. In all of this stuff, there’s going to be compromises…we don’t have the perfect solution yet.

          • Shari on April 12, 2013 at 1:27 pm

            Thank you for the great response and feedback. After reading your reply, I am wondering if it is maybe my riding posture and windshield that might be a big factor in the wind noise. I will have to test that out. I have a Honda CBR250 with stock windshield on it and tend to sit a little more upright on this bike compared to other sports bikes.

            You have definitely given me a lot to think about! Thank you for the link to the earbud clamp. When I’m ready to invest in the Sena headset, I’ll also check out the clamp for the earbuds in case the speakers aren’t enough.

            I haven’t yet taken the leap from earbuds to ear plugs. That might be the next think I look into if I decide to go the Sena headset route versus staying with the earbuds.

            Oh, and I have been using the chin curtain and started using the Freeze Out neck wrap… that seems to cut down a little on the noise coming into the helmet too. Hmm… maybe I just have a weird shaped head for the Shoei? =)

            Thanks for putting up with my noob rider questions. Great information and will be back often to check out your posts.

          • Burnspot on April 12, 2013 at 1:38 pm

            Hey, no problem, happy to help!

            I would imagine that CBR screen doesn’t give you much protection from the wind (much like my old FZ6, which predated my RF-1100 purchase), so that’s going to figure in things quite a bit. My FJR’s screen, on the other hand, pushes a lot of wind to the side and over the top (fully raised, it can allow me to open my visor with no wind), so I’m just not going to have the same wind effects you’re encountering.