Is This Thing Turned On?

Yes, yes, I’ve been remiss with the ole blog. I think we all know how hard it is to keep one up to date if you’re not a blogger by nature or….spend most of your time trying to make a bit of money by doing a real job. The latter would be the case for me; I don’t have a problem writing, but it’s really all about finding the time. Besides, who’s really reading this thing anyway? For all I know, I’ve spent the last few years on this blog just talking to myself….which isn’t too far from how things go in real life I suppose. But, as evidenced by this very posting, I don’t seem to care too much one way or the other if anyone’s out there, lol.

A couple of things have happened over the past few months. First, I’ve pretty much abandoned Facebook and turned to Google+ for most things. Facebook has just turned into too much of a “funny photo posting” kind of place and there’s only so much one can take of pet photos or even the less interesting religious “inspiration” stuff. Google+ has many of the same elements, but there’s less of that sort of thing and the conversations that come and go there just seem to be a bit more “real” and a little less juvenile in many respects. I still have my Facebook account of course, but it’s pretty much turned into an observation post that occasionally spills out a reply to someone’s comment.

The second thing that’s happened over the past few months is an increased push on building WordPress websites at work. In the past, SEO was the dominant mission and that soaked up pretty much all of my time and energy, but it seems many of our clients have started to realize that a design that looked great 5-6 years ago simply isn’t cutting it in today’s internet. On top of that, many of those folks had sites that still employed SEO-killing frames…a technology that’s long since passed on, thankfully. It’s a lot of fun helping clients get out of the rut and into something modern and fresh! Since the beginning of the year, it’s been WordPress site builds non-stop. This new design push is a refreshing change and a challenge at the same time, something I’m relishing! I’d say this is probably the biggest reason why my little ole blog gets light action these days, lol.

Anyway, life rolls on…

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