Hold Yer Shorts!

Take a picture of the sign!

Take a picture of the sign!

I have a brand new ride report from my two week adventure out to the 2016 edition of the North American FJR Owners meet (NAFO) in Montrose, Colorado coming up soon! It’s looking like it’ll be a three part story…three very large parts. In any case, I still have work to do on part one, so it might be a little while before I find the time to finish it.

In many ways, the trip is similar to my 2013 adventure in terms of locale, but very different as I was joined for the adventure by my friends Bob and Lisa, with Petey joining us later.

In the meantime, you’re more than welcome to check out my un-captioned photos from the trip over at my SmugMug site here. I have 883 photos over there from the trip, though a lot of those are sequence photos. In any case, it’s something to do if you’re hard up for graphical entertainment.

Safe riding!


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