Damn that’s a big head

Well, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve once again changed my site’s design. I work on websites for a living, mostly doing makeovers for client websites that are lingering in design styles of the past, so my site ends up being the dumping ground for experimentation sometimes. It’s an interesting look, although having my visage stare out at the interwebs on the home page is somewhat egotistic isn’t it? Whatever. If you had a website, wouldn’t you do the same?

I do have some good riding-related stuff coming up though. Over the protestations of my overworked credit card, I picked up new riding attire to start this season and I’ll be offering my opinions on it after breaking it in a bit and running it through some wet weather. It took a lot to put my Aerostich Roadcrafter aside and try something new, but after just about 10 years in the Roadcrafter, it was time to try something different (and properly sized)…although not too far away from the Roadcrafter tree. Anyway, that’s coming up soon.

Getting ready to go get inspected

Getting ready to go get a state inspection done.

Our cold weather here in the Southeast continues, challenging the concept of “fun” riding; however, that hasn’t stopped the riding altogether. In between the freezes, we’ve had a few good days and when those come up, I take full advantage of them with a good ride. Seems like I’ve had to use the car far more this winter…either that, or I’m getting more wussified when it comes to cold weather. In any case, spring is just about here, so the cold weather will soon pass and be replaced with oppressive humidity and heat…small yay.


I live in Eastern NC, work on websites all day, and enjoy motorcycling immensely. What more need be said.