Spring is creeping in…

By Burnspot / March 1, 2011

Well, finally, spring is beginning to roll into the Eastern NC area with temperatures that go from freezing to 75+ degrees; these are the fun times for weather forecasters, lol. It matters not, I’m still riding around, to and from work, and the occasional weekend blast when I’m not pegged on home chores. My most…

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Project Hothands – Done!

By Burnspot / December 3, 2010

Okay, I was slow in getting this final report on Project Hothands in, but here it is finally… The day after starting this project, I was able to complete it and have been running the grips for a couple of weeks now. Look below my report for an update. It was a late night in…

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Nanny Government Wants To Force Helmets?

By Burnspot / November 17, 2010

According to recent article from the San Francisco Chronicle, the Federal Government is pushing, once again, to have helmet use made mandatory in all states, citing the surging number of motorcycle fatalities. The government also stated that motorcycle fatalities were higher than all accidents in the rail, aviation, marine, and pipeline industries….uh, what? How does…

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Project Hothands – Underway

By Burnspot / November 15, 2010

So earlier, I had mentioned my preferences for commuting and followed it up by remarking about my cold hands. Well, I’ve started taking steps to remedy that situation by purchasing a Symtec Heated Grip Kit; these should help greatly. They’ll be used in conjunction with some Suzuki V-Strom hand guards, which haven’t arrived yet. Yes,…

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The FJR Commute

By Burnspot / November 4, 2010

It’s just like the old days when I was in the Corps…commuting by motorcycle again. Over the past year, I’ve ridden into work on occasion, but in the past month, it’s become a pretty much full time deal since we parted ways with my wife’s car to save a little money. Mind you, I’m not…

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NAFO 2010 – Knoxville Part 1

By Burnspot / October 26, 2010

Better late than never right? My ride reports tend to be days behind…oh well. NAFO stands for “North American FJR Owners Rally” and is an event held every two years and sponsored, on a rotating basis, by the various regional FJR owner groups. It generally takes place at a venue designed to handle a large…

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