Loaded and ready for departure!

There and Back – FJR NAFO 2016

By Burnspot / September 15, 2016

Part One – Getting There Every two years, the FJR community gets together for a North American meet hosted by one of the regional FJR groups. If you’re picturing a large group of pirates, rumbling down the road en masse, you’d be off base…it’s way more low-key. Essentially, 80-120 riders gather, split off for small…

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Take a picture of the sign!

Hold Yer Shorts!

By Burnspot / September 13, 2016

I have a brand new ride report from my two week adventure out to the 2016 edition of the North American FJR Owners meet (NAFO) in Montrose, Colorado coming up soon! It’s looking like it’ll be a three part story…three very large parts. In any case, I still have work to do on part one,…

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2015 FJR1300ES

A New Horse Is In The Barn

By Burnspot / September 22, 2015

Back at the end of July, I acquired a stable mate for my ’07…a brand new 2015 FJR1300ES! Ever since the Generation III FJRs were introduced, I’d wanted one, but I resisted. The resistance faded after a trip to West Virginia, where my good riding friend had his newly acquired ’15…I absolutely LOVED the color…

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Million Dollar Highway

Journey to the High Country, Pt. 6

By Burnspot / October 22, 2013

Well, here we are, Part 6 of my Colorado ride report. This is the closing chapter of my ride, but it’s a big one! Looks like I’m still in Salida… July 1, 2013 – Million Dollar Highway, Part 1 Waking up in Salida, the day looked like it’d be a good one…for awhile at least.…

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Mt. Evans

Journey to the High Country, Pt. 5

By Burnspot / October 21, 2013

Welcome to Part 5 of my ride report! At this point in the story, I’m nearing the end of my adventure; however, I still had a few days of fun left. Let’s pick it up in Georgetown, where I’d spent the last 2 nights… Sunday, June 30th – Mt. Evans and South, beginning the final…

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Loveland Pass

Journey to the High Country, Pt. 4

By Burnspot / October 20, 2013

Welcome to Part 4 of my Colorado ride report! At the moment, in this trip, I’m holed up just north of Buena Vista, CO…let’s get the show on the road! Friday, June 28th – Mmm, Loveland Pass I woke up to a dusty campsite; the wind was blowing and dust was coating everything…almost as bad…

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