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General Crap

Working Away

By Burnspot / January 6, 2011

No, there hasn’t been a death in the family, a forest fire burning the entire city down, or a big reduction in the price of beer (for you ’80’s band fans, hint hint), I’ve just been super busy! In the middle of December, the wife and I decided to launch a project and ever since,…

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Unexpected House Guest

By Burnspot / November 21, 2010

So there I was, looking for a piece of equipment in the garage. I open up the bin holding all of our camping gear and lift out the tent. I saw something large hanging from the tent roll…an absolutely ENORMOUS spider! Imagine my surprise! I have no idea what type it is or if it’s…

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The FJR Commute

By Burnspot / November 4, 2010

It’s just like the old days when I was in the Corps…commuting by motorcycle again. Over the past year, I’ve ridden into work on occasion, but in the past month, it’s become a pretty much full time deal since we parted ways with my wife’s car to save a little money. Mind you, I’m not…

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Ta Da

By Burnspot / November 2, 2010

As mentioned earlier, I’ve decided to spring a new site on you…hopefully, it’s showing up for you now since I just changed the redirect to point to this sub-domain. Nothing special, just a pre-made template and a blank slate. The OLD BURNINGFILES section you see up in the main menu is all you need to…

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