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A Cry For Help

By Burnspot / September 13, 2016

It was screaming for attention, an update, anything…a cry for help from my website! Okay, I give; it’s getting a bit of love now in the form of a new skin! Things are a bit off kilter for the moment as I figure out what I want to place where, but it’s well underway…of course,…

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Riding in snow is tricky

Damn that’s a big head

By Burnspot / February 28, 2014

Well, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve once again changed my site’s design. I work on websites for a living, mostly doing makeovers for client websites that are lingering in design styles of the past, so my site ends up being the dumping ground for experimentation sometimes. It’s an interesting look, although having my visage stare…

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The Green Monster

By Burnspot / April 11, 2013

April 8, 2013…the green monster was unleashed upon us…Pollen. It’s funny how it happens; the days leading up to it give no hints, then boom, it’s here. That’s the way the pollen arrived this year. The streets are awash in green dust and the sky’s hazy with sniffle-inducing clouds. It’s at these times I’m glad…

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Me cruising on US129, aka, The Dragon

Yes, FFS, I’m Changing It Again…

By Burnspot / April 4, 2013

And so once again, my site jumps on the design merry-go-round…I can’t leave it alone I guess. Actually, my site is kinda like a test bed for other stuff, so it gets dumped on quite a bit actually. This new pre-done design harkens back to one I used to run the year before last…or something…

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Raining at the office.

So I haven’t posted for awhile…

By Burnspot / March 20, 2013

What’s new? 😉 Nothing much is going on, just working and getting through the winter. I did ride down to central Florida for Christmas and New Years, but beyond that, I’m just waiting for the warm weather…

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Is This Thing Turned On?

By Burnspot / March 27, 2012

Yes, yes, I’ve been remiss with the ole blog. I think we all know how hard it is to keep one up to date if you’re not a blogger by nature or….spend most of your time trying to make a bit of money by doing a real job. The latter would be the case for…

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