A New Horse Is In The Barn

2015 FJR1300ESBack at the end of July, I acquired a stable mate for my ’07…a brand new 2015 FJR1300ES! Ever since the Generation III FJRs were introduced, I’d wanted one, but I resisted. The resistance faded after a trip to West Virginia, where my good riding friend had his newly acquired ’15…I absolutely LOVED the color scheme in person. That was it, I had to have one…so, after a bit of looking, I found and bought one. So far, it’s everything I expected, and more…namely CRUISE CONTROL! The electronically controlled suspension is great, but really, for me, the cruise control is where it’s at. Our history together has just begun, but I’m sure there’s many thousands of miles ahead of us and I’ll document some of that right here.

For now, I have a new FJR1300ES page setup. On that page, I’ll do about the same thing I did for my ’07…listing out what I’ve done to it and how I like what I did. I’ve pretty much loaded it up in a similar fashion to the ’07, but there are some differences and I’ll cover that stuff. Keep an eye out, that page will get updates soon!

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